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Dear All,

Rama along with Lakshmana and Sita, take leave of Guha and then proceed to the forest.

They first meet Sage Bharadwaja and then they visit Sage Valmiki.

On being asked by Sage Valmiki on the purpose of their visit to forest, Rama  describes about the 2 boons asked by Kaikeyi, to send Rama in exile for 14 years and to crown Bharatha as ruler of Ayodhya.

Swami writes 

"The sage listened to the story, and communicated his joy with a face lit with smiles. He said. "Rama! As you fulfilled their desires then, you have satisfied my desire now. My austerities, vows and yearning have at last yielded fruit today. I must confer on Kaikeyi my heartfelt gratitude and a share of the bliss I am now enjoying."

Valmiki sat long in silence, with his eyes closed, while trying to keep within control the emotions of gratitude and joy surging inside him. Tears gathered in his eyes, tears of Ananda, and they rolled down his cheeks in big drops that chased each other.

Rama broke the silence and said, "We shall reside at the place where you direct us to live. Indicate to us a place where we shall not cause any trouble to any one and where we shall not come in the way of hermits and hermitages; give us proper advice. We shall put up a 'thatch' of leaves at that place and spend some time therein."

These words from a pure sincere heart moved the sage; he said, in reply, "0 Rama! I am indeed blessed. 

  • You are as the Flag that proclaims the glory of the Raghu dynasty. For what reason are you voicing thus? 
  • You are the force that fosters the path laid down in the Vedas; you are the power that safeguards it from harm. Sita is 'the deluding half of your personality, your Maya. She creates, maintains and destroys (as you 'will') worlds beyond worlds. And, Lakshmana is the very basis of the movable and the immovable, the 'thousand-hooded serpent', the Primal Sesha-Nag, which upholds the Universe. 
  • You have assumed forms, in order to carry out the wishes of the Gods, that you re-establish righteousness in the world. 
  • You will, I am sure, destroy all demonic hearts, pretty soon. 
  • You will protect the good and the compassionate. Rama! You are the eternal Witness of the play named 'The World'. The Universe is the 'seen'; you are the Witness. Even the gods fail to gauge your Reality and your Glory. How then can ordinary mortals understand your Mystery? Only those who have received your Grace, namely, Wisdom, can claim to have known something of your Truth and your Majesty. 
  • You have taken this human form in order to promote the peace and security of good men and the gods; as a consequence, you are conversing and behaving like one of us. 
  • Only fools are misled into behaving that you are a man among men! We are all puppets who play about as you direct, as you pull the strings. 
  • Who are we to direct you to act thus wise or to stay at a certain place? Rama! Are you planning to delude us, ascetics, by your words? 0, how wonderful is your play! How realistic is your acting! Don't I know that you are the Director of this cosmic drama? I cannot understand why you are asking me to select a spot where you can stay for some time in this forest. Which spot can I choose and recommend? 
  • For, is there any spot in the whole Universe where you are not, already? Answer me this question, and thereafter, I shall point out the place to which you can go and where you can stay" Valmiki said, looking at the charming face of Rama; in the extremity of his delight, words melted away on his tongue.
  • .........."Rama! If you wish that I elaborate further, listen: Stay in the heart of the person who discards the evil in others and loves them for the good they have, who trudges along the journey of life in the path of morality and integrity, who observes approved limits of conduct and behavior, and who has the faith in thought, word and deed, that the Universe is your creation and that the entire objective world is your body.
  • "Nevertheless, since you have assumed now this human body and come here in order to carry out the commands of your mother and father, and questioned me in that role, I am venturing to answer, as if that role is real. You can reside on the Chitrakuta Hill. It has all facilities for comfortable stay. It is a holy place, and a charming beauty spot. The atmosphere is saturated with love and peace. Lions and elephants roam together there, with no trace of rivalry. The river Mandakini, extolled in the Vedas, flows round the hill. Sages like Athri live there in hermitages, which you can visit and render more sacred. Confer your blessing on that sublime spot and on that dear divine river."


Dear All,

Author, even while reproducing the  above relevant portion from Swami's writings, is awestruck and wonders, whether Swami is writing about Rama or about His own incarnation?

In order that you may appreciate why author is awestruck, he has simply highlighted few lines in today's post with bold letters.

As a Sai devotee, you may please relate those highlighted lines with your awareness about the Sai Avatar!!!


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