Rama Katha Rasa Vahini - Post 21

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As informed earlier, from 4th chapter onwards, we will capture only the significant parts of this vahini, especially where the contents have something to be learnt and practiced in all times, irrespective of the Yuga, irrespective of the modern culture in which we find ourselves today.

Swami narrates in the 4th chapter as to how 3 cups of payasam were given to the three queens.

And, he writes about how Sumitra keeps her bowl outside and how part of the content in the bowl falls down and how the remaining part is also taken by an eagle and how Sumitra repents for her carelessness in keeping the bowl in open space.

Here, Swami writes about how Kaikeyi and Kowsalya come forward and give part of their share of payasam to Sumitra.

Swami writes,

"Sumitra repented for her negligence of the precious payasam; she felt that the King would be very upset if he came to know of the mishap. She could not decide on her next step; she went straight to her sister Kausalya and related the whole story to her. Just then, Kaikeyi too came there with the gold cup, after tying up her dried hair. The three were very loving to each other, like sisters bound by one single silken thread of affection."

Here, Swami writes about the love of the three wives of King Dasaratha who were "bound by one single silken thread of affection".

This is a message for all families in the present day world. The love and affection and mutual sacrifice exhibited by the three wives of Dasaratha is a lesson to be taken in all our relationships within the family, amongst siblings, amongst husband and wife, between children and parents, within the society and nation and the world at large.

In modern world, by and large, even after growing together as siblings, each one of the siblings, once they grow up, get married and lead their life, are not willing to sacrifice few cents for the other sibling with whom they shared everything in childhood. 

Similarly in case of parent and child relationship.

Parents give their blood, sacrifice everything that they have to bring up their children and children (many of them, if not all) treat parents almost as a liability, get irritated about even small small things about their parents. 

When it comes to getting anything for their own spouse or children, then they are prepared to spend in 1000s, some times even in 100000s or more for similar things. But when it comes to spending for their own parents, then even a 500 IRS seems to be a higher amount.

Here in this sacred Ramayana which is a lesson on dharma for all ages to come, whereas Rishi Rishyasringa had asked the payasam to be distributed equally amongst the three wives, here are the two wives, Kaikeyi and Kousalya, instantly coming forward to give part of their share, not even thinking, whether such a sharing/giving away part of the payasam given to them to the other woman of their husband may affect their own child in some way!

As we proceed along this sacred text, when Bharatha/ Hanuman/Vibhishana and many other characters come in, each character will teach us some most sacred value(s) to imbibe in our lives.


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